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AC-350 (NEEDS PIC, The Rest is OK)

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High Flows 50 - 500 GPM, Low Noise Models Available
Two Seperate Oil Coolers Mounted in Steel Frame
Capable of High Viscosity Fluids
Capable of High Heat Rejection (250 HP) at Low Oil Flow (100 GPM)
Competitive Pricing, Deliveries from Stock

Drawings & Datasheet:

Height: 65.67"
Width: 68.07"
Depth: 40.71"
AKG HR Series


How to Order:

Call: 1-888-226-8522
Email: Sales

Typical Applications:

High Oil Flow
High Viscosity Fluids
Low Noise Models Available


Maximum Pressure Rating: 250 PSI

Maximum Operating Temperature: 250 F


Materials of Construction:

Core: Aluminum

Frame: Steel



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