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Compressor Aftercoolers

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Our air cooled aftercooelrs offer superior compressed air cooling for a veriaty of applicaitons. These coolers are rated to handle between 250F and 350F compressed air at the inlet, and pressures up to 250 PSI.

Reduced Approach Temperature:
The superior design of these aftercoolers ensures that the compressed air will be cooled to the closest approach temperature above the cooling media temperature, and in many cases can cool to within 5F of your ambient air temperature flowing across the fins. This outstanding heat exchanger performance, combined with the high efficiency of a separator, ensures the maximum removal of moisture from the compressed air.

Properly Selected and Installed:
Aftercoolers are designed to withstand high temperatures. This ensures problem-free service under the most demanding operating conditions.

DCS Series:

  DCS Aftercooler
Full Line of Sizes and Features
Energy Efficient
High Performance

Belt Guard Aftercooler Series:

  Belt Guard Aftercooler
Core Only Design
Compact Design

CC Series:

  CC Air Cooled Aftercooler
Electric or Air Motor Options
Low Pressure Drop

CC 5000 High Flow Series:

  CC 5000
High Flows 5000-7000 CMF
Compact Design
DC and Hydraulic Motor Options

AOC Series:

  AOC Air Cooled Aftercooler
Oil and Air Cooling in one unit
AC and Hydraulic Motor Options

AOC-500 Series:

DC Motor
Full Line of Sizes
Optional Pressure Bypass Available
Deliveries from Stock
Rugged Bar and Plate Design

AC Series:

  AC Air Cooled Aftercooler
Oil and Air Cooling in one unit
AC and Hydraulic Motor Options
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