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Mobile Oil Coolers

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Materials and Connections:
Our mobile oil coolers are designed and fabracated from solid alumunium for a sturdy design and optimal heat transfer. Standard connections are SAE, however other options including NPT are available.

Motor Options:
Models are availalable with or with outh a fan motor, without a fan it ships as core only, with a DC fan & motor, or with a Hydraulic Motor.

These units can can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal configuration so long as care and consideration is given to be sure that air is purged from the cooler at start up.

C Series:

  C Aftercooler
Core Only
Full Line of Sizes and Features
Deliveries from Stock
Rugged Bar and Plate Design

DC Series:

  DC-DCS Oil Coolers
DC Motor
Full Line of Sizes
Optional Pressure Bypass Available
Deliveries from Stock
Rugged Bar and Plate Design

HC Series:

  HC Series
Hydraulic Motor
Low Noise Options
Low Fouling Design
Deliveries from Stock
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