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Industrial Oil Coolers

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Our high performance oil coolers provide high heat transfer rates with a minimal footprint. Most units ship from stock in 1-2 business days.

Fan Speeds:
Standard models are availalbe with rugged motors that can operate at traditional speeds, high speeds for added cooling, or lower speeds for reduced fan noise.

Motor Options:
Industrial units are available in 1 Phase, 3 Phase,
575 Volt, as well as Hydraulic Motor options. Special TECF and explosion proof motors are also avialble for customers with specific Class and Division requirements.

A Series:

  A Series
Full Line of Sizes and Features
Energy Efficient
Aluminum Cores Available
Complete Units or Core Only

AC Series:

  AC Series
High Performance Louvered Fins
Standard & High Fan Speed Models
Low Noise Options

AC 350 Series:

  AC 350 Series
50-500 GPM
Two Oil Coolers in One Core
Low Noise Options

AR Series:

  AR Series
Low Fouling Models
Dirty Environment
Low Noise Options

AP Offline Cooling:

  AP Offline Cooling
For use in: Cooling, Filtration or Lubrication Circuits
Optional Filters Available
8.9 gpm to 45.1 gpm
Easy to connect

AKG BPHE Series:

316 Stainless Steel Construction
Copper Brazed
Small Footprint

D Series:

  D Series
Internal Bypass Available
Best Heat Transfer for given size
DC Fan Motor

H Series:

  H Series
Optimized coolers with louvered fin design
Available internal pressure bypass

HC Series with Hydraulic Motor:

  HC Series with Hydraulic Motor
High Capacity Flows 50-500 GPM
Two separate cores in one frame
long life hydraulic motor

HR Series:

  HR Series
Anti-Clogging Fins
Hydraulic Fan Motor
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