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AOC-500 High Flow Combination Aftercoole/ Oil Cooler

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AOC-500 High Flow Combination Aftercoole/ Oil Cooler


High Flows 2500 - 3500 CFM, Low Approach Temperatures, Reduces Dryer Size
Cooler Rated for 500 to 600 HP Air Compressors
Optional Hydraulic Motor, Low Noise Model Available
One Aftercooler and One Oil Cooler Mounted in Steel Frame, Reduces Thermal Fatigue
Competitive Pricing, Deliveries from Stock

Drawings & Datasheet:

AKG HR Series


How to Order:

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Email: Sales

Typical Applications:

Rotary Screw Compressors
Piston Compressors
Centrifugal Air Compressors
Vacuum Systems
Blower Lube Oil Coolers
Compressed Air Cooling


Maximum Operating Pressure: 250 PSIG

Maximum Operating Temperature: 350 f


Materials of Construction:

Core: Aluminum

Shroud: Powder Painted Steel

Fan Guard: Zinc Plated Steel

Fan Blade: Polyproylene Blades

Mounting Brackets: Powder Painted Steel
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